St Marys Surgery

Repeat Prescriptions

Repeat prescriptions are checked by your doctor before being issued. On certain occasions the doctor may decide it is more appropriate to see you for an appointment rather than issuing further medicines. This decision is made by the doctor and not by the dispensary staff. Requests for repeat prescriptions can also be faxed to the surgery on 01353 645656.

Please order repeat prescriptions in writing, allowing 72 hours for processing.

If the computer slip has been mislaid then please write your name and address with a list of the drugs that you require and hand this in to the dispensary staff.

In line with national guidelines we have moved to issuing 28 days’ supply of medicines at a time. There is a huge cost to the NHS of medicines issued to patients that are never used. In certain cases it may be more cost-effective for patients to have a pre-payment certificate.

A further way of making sure that the NHS has value for money from the medication that patients take, is by avoiding different brands and prescribing by the chemical name (generic prescribing). Brands vary enormously in price whilst the drug is exactly the same. We are trying to ensure we increase our generic prescribing. The dispensary telephone number is Ely 663434.

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