St Mary's Surgery

How to register with a GP

Please see the latest news section within the Coronavirus / COVID-19 tab for instructions on how to register at present.

Our normal registration procedure is below:

Patients wishing to register with a GP and who live within our practice area will be asked to complete a registration form and a new patient questionnaire (available at Reception) for each family member with details of full name, date of birth, new address, previous home address and GP details.  Where possible your NHS number should be included. You may wish to take these forms home to complete them.

When returning the completed forms we also require two forms of ID for each adult patient - One form of Photo ID (passport or driving licence) and a utility bill showing name and current address dated within past 6 months.
For children a birth certifcate can be shown or hospital discharge letter for new borns.

 On registration you are entitled to express a preference in relation to the GP from whom you wish to receive medical services, and we will endeavour to comply with any reasonable preference.

We operate an open access policy whereby any patient can request to see any doctor. However, where possible, it is preferred that a patient sees the same doctor to encourage continuity of care.

If for any reason one doctor is absent, the remaining doctors will see his or her patients.

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